Greening up the favourite player by the start of the 2nd set

What is the probability of greening up the favourite for at least 5% profit before the end of the 1st game of the 2nd set if you:

  • Back on the favourite at 1 min before the off;
  • Lay on the favourite 1 min before the off.

The results are based on tennis matches that went In-Play and had their game-to-game score available.

The market had to have accumulated at least £1,000 by the start of the match.

How to use this report

Choose the minimum profit percentage using the slider. Then choose the price range of the favourite for the initial bet.

Projected P/L

The amount you will win or lose if you back or lay £1 on the pre-match favourite, then green up given that the exchange commission is 5%.

The "chances" are the number of opportunities you would have for closing your opening bet with the minimum chosen profit.

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