Pre-off volume growth in horses and its correlation with the chances to win

This report reflects the growth of volume of matched money on horses in various races. The data is displayed for the horses with the maximum change in volume over the 10 minutes preceding the start of the race. The range 0..2% includes horses whose volume growth could be as little as 0.01% of market volume, and they still were the horses with the maximum volume growth. This picture is typical for low-liquidity markets.

The report did not take into account the markets where the sum of matched money was less than £1,000 at 10 minutes before the start.

Note: the report compares specifically the percentage of money matched on each horse, not the absolute amount of money matched. It may happen that the favourite will have the biggest lump of money poured in just before the off, yet the second favourite will increase its percentage of money placed, for example, from 2% to 15%, and so the bet will be place on the latter, not the former.

Country (top 10)

Click on country bars to include/eliminate races from that country. Only the top 10 countries with the largest number of markets are shown.

Winning Percentage

Percentage of cases when the horse with the maximum volume growth has won the race.

Average Price

Based on all SP prices of the chosen categories of horses. An SP price is a price the horse will have once the market turns In-Play.

Projected P/L

The Projected P/L shows how much you can win/lose if you back or lay £1 on every qualifying horse in the selected range of markets. Markets with less than £1,000 are not included in the report. The exchange commission is set to 5%.

Race distance (top 20)

Click on distance bars to include/eliminate races with that distance. Only the top 20 distances with the largest number of markets are shown.

Number of runners

Filter out races by number of non-withdrawn runners.

Volume growth, %

Filter out races by the percentage by which the selection's matched volume has grown. These numbers show the figures for the selections with the largest volume % growth per each race.

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