Backing on the dog with the greatest volume at 5 minutes before the race

We explore how profitable it is to back on the dog that has accumulated the greatest amount of matched bets at 5 minutes before the start of the race. The idea is that the more money a selection has attracted, the more likely it is that its price will drop by the time the race is about to start.

If the price does drop, we will be seeking to green up the back bet with any profit percentage.

Alternatively, if the price went in the wrong direction, we can try to trade out to an equal loss and see if profits from other bets will compensate these losses in the long run.


Click on country bars to include/eliminate races from that country.

Race distance

Click on bars to include markets with the selected race distances and exclude all others.

Volume lead

The difference between the volume percentage (in 5% increments) of the two selections with the most matched bets on them. For example, when you click on a bar with 10%, it means you only want to take into account the markets where the two selections with the highest matched volume are 6%-10% apart, e.g. one has 30% and another one 39%.

Average backing price

The average price at which the opening back bet was placed.

Projected Profit/Loss

The amount you would win or lose if you pursued one of the following plans:

  • Opening Back only - place a back bet of £1 at 5 minutes before the off and do not place any other bets;
  • Back + Trade-Out - place a back bet of £1 at 5 minutes before the off and trade it out to an equal profit or loss (whichever direction the market goes) at exactly the scheduled start time.

A 5% exchange commission is deducted from profits. Only markets with at least £1,000 in matched volume at the time of betting are included in this report.

Green-up succeeded

The percentage of cases in which the price has decreased sufficiently to enable a green-up for a profit of at least 5%

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