Betting on the favourite priced below 2.0

The data displayed is for Greyhound races, Win markets. The favourite was determined based on the last traded prices of the dogs at the scheduled race beginning.

Projected Profit/Loss

The Projected P/L shows how much you would win/lose if you backed or laid £1 on every favourite in the selected country/race distance range/number of runners, provided that the favourite's price was less than 2.0. The commission size used in this report is 5%.

Average Price

The Average Price is calculated from all last traded prices of the chosen categories of Greyhounds at the start of the race. The last traded price is a price of the last bet that was matched for that selection at that moment.

Winning Percentage

The Winning Percentage shows the percentage of cases when the greyhound has won the race.

Country (top 10)

Click on country bars to include/eliminate races from that country. Only the top 10 countries with the largest number of markets are shown.

Race distance (top 20)

Click on distance bars to include/eliminate races with that distance. Only the top 20 distances with the largest number of markets are shown.

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