Back or Lay Over 1.5 goals after the first goal

We measured the speed at which the price of Over 1.5 goals increases or drops after the teams score for the first time.

Use this information to plan your green-up strategies or to pick the right time for your entry bet.

Avg. time it takes the price to increase/decrease by X %

This is the number of minutes that will pass, on average, before the price of Over 1.5 goals will change by the specified percentage as compared to its price just after the first goal is scored.

If you chose increase on the slider, we will measure the increase in the selection's back price compared to its lay price right after the goal. For decrease, we will measure the decrease in the selection's lay price compared to its back price right after the goal.

The price will increase gradually if the teams do not score for a while.

The price will decrease sharply and the market will soon be settled right after the second goal.

Average price pre-goal

The average digital last traded price of Over 1.5 goals 20 seconds before the first goal.

Average price post-goal

These are the back and lay prices of the Over 1.5 goals registered at up to 5 minutes after the goal. The waiting time is needed to let the market prices settle, otherwise there is a possibility that the price will be much worse than you would have got if you had waited. We register the price as soon as the gap between the back and lay prices is no greater than 10 ticks. If the prices never settle, we do not take this market into account in the report.

Projected Profit/Loss

This is the amount you would win or lose if you backed or laid £1 on Over 1.5 goals within 30 secs to 5 mins after the first goal and greened up at the specified profit percentage if there were such an opportunity.

By opportunity, we mean that the market prices must go in your favour. For example, if you specified 10% on the slider and first backed, then an opportunity for a green-up will only present itself if the lay price drops 10% or more below the back price. If it never does, then the algorithm will only take into account the initial back bet and add up the profit or loss from that bet, depending on the market outcome. In other words, in some markets, two bets will be accounted for, and in others -- only one bet, the initial one.

If you move the slider to a price increase (positive percentage), then the green-up will only happen if you first lay, then back.

If you move the slider to a price decrease (negative percentage), then the green-up will only happen if you first back, then lay.

The higher the percentage you set, the less likely it is that you will be able to green up your initial bet. In some cases, that's OK, as you will still earn profit from flat backing or laying on Over 1.5 goals.

Exchange commission applied to profits is 5%. Only markets with at least £1,000 are used for this report.


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Favourite scored first?

Click on Yes or No to filter out markets where the first goal was scored by the favourite team or by the underdog team.

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